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Cheeks Need a Lift? Let’s Compare Juvéderm with Restylane!

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One of the concerns that are frequently expressed by men and women sometime around the age of 50 is that age has caused their cheeks to flatten. Mid-facial volume loss is not uncommon by any means. It is a natural occurrence that stems from a sharp decrease in vital chemicals in the superficial and deep tissues beneath the skin, all the way down to the muscle tissue that sits across the cheekbones.  As the truth of facial aging has come to light – that volume loss is a major concern – we have benefited from the development of products specifically for mid-face improvement. Restylane Lyft and Juvéderm VolumaTM are two examples.

One Coin, Two Sides

Both Juvéderm VolumaTM XC and Restylane Lyft are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. That means each of these products plumps and contours the cheeks by attracting water molecules to tissues, and then adhering to them. The same mechanism improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. When both essentially do the same thing, it may be difficult to know which product you should choose.

Where the two products differ is in the technology used during development. Restylane uses what is referred to as NASHA technology, a manufacturing technique that customizes the particle size in each product. Restylane Lyft has a high satisfaction rating because the larger particle sizes of hyaluronic acid in this product are suitable for lifting and contouring the cheekbones. Juvéderm VolumaTM also has a high satisfaction rating and has the potential to last up to two years, with fullness diminishing gradually over time. The technology behind Voluma is called Vycross, a cross-linking process that bonds individual molecules of hyaluronic acid together to enhance the longevity of the product once it has been inserted beneath the skin.

Without a doubt, the manufacturers of each of these dermal fillers have gone the extra mile to achieve the degree of lifting and plumping that patients desire, and to enhance the lifespan of results as much as possible.

So, which cheek filler is right for you? We are pleased to offer both Juvéderm VolumaTM and Restylane Lyft in our Westerville, Ohio office. After hearing your desired outcome and observing the degree of volume loss you have experienced, we can make an accurate recommendation to restore more youthfulness to your face. For more information, call 614-895-0400.

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