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Do You Want Sensational Skin? It’s Time to Spring Into Action!

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Springtime isn’t just a season for cleaning out the garage and the closets; it’s also a time to rethink your beauty routine (how long has that foundation been in your makeup bag, anyway?). Now that we are officially into the Spring season, it’s time to consider what the changing weather will do to your skin. Here, we want to suggest a few ways that you can refresh and replenish to get a gorgeous glow.

How to Spring Clean Your Skin

Many of the tips offered for seasonal skin care discuss the value of changing up product-types. Throughout the cold and dry winter months, you were hopefully pampering your skin with emollient ingredients that kept moisture in. Now that the weather is warmer, soon to be more humid, skincare products need to lighten up. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Spring Cleaning your skin isn’t just about products, it’s about getting a clean slate.

Getting a clean slate means to address one of the biggest issues your skin faces: debris. Washing your face cleans the basics of dirt, oil, and minor bacteria. What is needed for radiance and anti-aging, though, is exfoliation of cellular debris. Did you know the outermost layer of tissue on the epidermis contains mostly cells that are dead or damaged? Yuck! These need to go, and we’ve got ways to make that happen.

In our Westerville, OH dermatology office, you have multiple options for Spring Cleaning your skin. A consultation and brief observation of your skin will help us identify which treatment or treatments may be ideal for you. Some of the common choices include:

  • A cleansing medical facial customized to your needs.
  • A mild, medium, or deep chemical peel to exfoliate dead, damaged cells that are causing your complexion to look dull.
  • Microdermabrasion mechanical exfoliation for brighter, smoother skin.
  • Dermaplaning, which removes cellular debris, encourages collagen proliferation and eliminates “peach fuzz.”

The path to skin that always looks good isn’t hard to find. The sooner that professional skin care begins, the better it ages. To learn more about the services available at Westerville Dermatology, call 614-895-0400.

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