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Want to Glow This Holiday Season? Schedule Your Microneedling Treatment Now!

MicroNeedling Westerville OHCosmetic concerns that a dermatologist hears range from mild to severe. Interestingly, though, many of them relate to one thing: collagen. Age-related complaints like fine lines and wrinkles are just as relevant to collagen structure as are acne scars, as is rough texture. Here, we want to discuss why microneedling may be the best approach to holiday-ready skin.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is not a new treatment, but it is one that has gained recognition in recent years. At its core, what microneedling does is create micro-wounds in the epidermis. These tiny channels are purposely made so the fibroblast cells that make collagen will be stimulated into action. As we age, these cells slow down; they don’t produce as much collagen and elastin as they once did. As a result, the skin loses resiliency, smoothness, and firmness. Additionally, an excess of collagen is needed to heal scarring that results from an initial healing response to a wound or to severe acne.

The subtle injuries created during microneedling can be made in one of two ways. Dermal rolling is one technique. This method of microneedling is performed with a handheld device; a drum with numerous points that is run over the skin. Dermal rolling is self-administered microneedling. The needles have a single depth and, just, ouch.

The technique that has become popular in recent years is professional microneedling conducted in the clinical setting with both anesthetic and adjustable needle-depth. We perform microneedling with the RejuvaPenTM, an automated device that penetrates the skin at an appropriate depth based on area. For example, the delicate skin around the eyes responds to shallow penetration while areas like the cheeks can tolerate and respond best to deeper micro-wounds.

What Microneedling Does for Your Skin

The objective of microneedling is to induce collagen proliferation. Immediately after treatment, fibroblasts begin making healthy new collagen. Collagen is the protein that builds the matrix of connective tissue beneath the skin. It is what heals injuries of all kinds and what makes the skin look young.

With a series of microneedling treatments, our patients notice:

  • Less prominent acne scars
  • Smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles
  • More firmness and softness
  • Radiance that comes from increased circulation to the skin

Microneedling is a great treatment to plan weeks ahead of your big holiday event. To schedule your appointment in our Westerville, OH office, call 614-895-0400.

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