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Tattoo Removal in Westerville, OH

Tattoos are becoming very common in our American culture. Recent studies suggest that more than half of adults wish they hadn’t gotten it.

Types of removable tattoos:

Professional tattoos – complex deposits of large amounts of ink and multiple, exotic colors; requires the most treatments, usually 10 or more sessions.

Amateur tattoo – simplest in appearance and easiest to remove; self or ‘home-made’ and radiation markings are usually black and may take several treatments to remove.

Cosmetic tattoo – professionally applied red, black or brown pigments designed to mimic lip, eye or brow liner; many of these tattoos contain iron oxide or titanium dioxide which may turn dark upon laser impact. We recommend a single small test pulse first to determine the response before additional treatment occurs.

Traumatic tattoo – occurs when debris such as asphalt penetrates the skin. Depending on the size and distribution of the foreign particles, it can take as little as a few laser treatments to clear these tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Westerville | ALEXTriVantage Laser | DeScribe PFD Patch

Tattoo Removal Westerville | ALEXTriVantage Laser | DeScribe PFD Patch

Tattoo Removal Westerville | ALEXTriVantage Laser | DeScribe PFD Patch

ALEXTriVantage Laser

ALEXTriVantage laser is used by our laser surgeons to treat your tattoos effectively and with minimal discomfort. Blue, black, red inks clear the easiest and with the fewest treatments. There is no laser that currently removes all of the inks in multi-colored professional tattoos so these tattoos usually require the use of at least two different laser systems. The number of laser treatment sessions necessary to remove a tattoo depends on:

  • The kinds of pigments or inks used
  • The number of different colors used
  • The amount of pigment or inks used
  • The length of time a tattoo has been present

Although an estimate can be made regarding the number of laser treatments that will be necessary to remove a tattoo, it really is impossible to predict the exact number of laser sessions due to individual treatment responses.

DeScribe PFD Patch

For an additional fee, a patient can add on the Describe PFD patch to their treatment. The Patch allows rapid multiple lasers passes in a treatment session, essentially getting the effects one would get from one treatment as one would with three treatments without using the PFD patch. The patch also:

  • Enables higher power of the laser pulse to reach the tattoo ink
  • Protects the epidermis from thermal injury
  • Less discomfort and faster healing times reducing the time to clearance

There is an additional fee for the use of this patch.

» For more information, please visit: www.onlightsciences.com

If you have a tattoo you no longer desire, send a photo with measurements to sbeeson@medical.westervilledermatology.com and we will give you a fee for each laser treatment, or you may schedule a tattoo removal consultation to learn how we can help.

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