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Retinoids for Wrinkle-Busting

As you have added more candles to your birthday cake each year, you may have begun to notice that you also need to add a little more to your skin care routine. Ask just about anyone how to keep your skin looking good as you age, and you will hear tips like “wear sunscreen every day.” That is good advice, and it is a suggestion we make to individuals who want to minimize lines and wrinkles. However, there must be more to maintaining beautiful, vibrant skin, right? Yes, there is – and fortunately, what we recommend is pretty simple!

Good Old Retin-A

You may have  heard of Retin-A way back when your primary concern was to clear up stubborn acne. In fact, retinoids, which are derivatives of vitamin A, were initially used for just that purpose. However, over time, dermatologists began to notice that patients who used prescription retinol cream didn’t just get clearer skin, they got younger looking skin.

Why your Daily Routine Benefits from Retinoids

Retinoids are no longer used only to treat acne. Today, you can find retinoids as key ingredients in a number of over-the-counter beauty products, as well as in prescription form. This is because retinoids hasten cellular turnover, aiding in the sloughing off of dull, dead skin cells. They also boost the function in skin cells, which need all the help they can get after age 30.

Because they facilitate the release of old skin cells, retinoids are partially responsible for heightened reactivity in the second layer of skin cells. In response to a thinner epidermal surface, this second layer of the skin becomes thicker. Thicker skin looks firmer and tends to be more resilient.

Radiant skin is not something that you should have to say goodbye to as you age. The use of commercial retinol products or prescription retinoids can help you support the ongoing regeneration of bright, healthy skin cells. For more information on anti-aging treatments in Westerville, call 614-895-0400.



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