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I met Dr. Lin many years ago to have a suspicious skin spot diagnosed that was later tested and removed. My first impression was she and her staff were very professional. The office was very clean and efficiently ran. I was very interested in trying Botox at that time buy was very anxious regarding the procedure. It did take a couple visits for other skin issues before I finally decided to try Botox. I had full trust in Dr. Lin by this time and knew should not steer me wrong by suggesting a procedure I was not comfortable in completing. I did Botox and loved the effects. She always makes sure not to do too much to avoid an unnatural look. I started using fillers of all different types and trust Dr. Lin to suggest the most appropriate procedure for my skin and body type. If there is ever any unevenness following a procedure she will take care of any issue or concern very promptly. Her knowledge of all the new cosmetic procedures is extremely valuable and she will suggest a procedure that is better suited for me than some others. She has my full trust in cosmetics and all my skin related issues. I have become so comfortable with Dr. Lin and her staff I actually enjoy going in for an appointment. I always feel safe and very welcome and know I will receive the best possible cosmetic or medical skin care. I no longer have anxiety of cosmetic procedure that I once had. This is so important for me to have complete trust especially when doing cosmetic work on my face and other areas of my body. Again, I really do trust Dr. Lin and her friendly professional skilled staff. I am very impressed for their ability to treat any skin issues. I am truly a very appreciative and grateful patient.

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