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How To Get Glowing Skin

7 Game-Changing Tips From A Dermatologist

When scrolling through social media, reading your favorite magazines, or watching TV shows on Netflix, do you ever feel envious of women who seem to have a vibrant glow to their skin? Have you ever wondered how they get glowing skin as if they’re radiating from the inside out? 

Well, we have a fun little fact for you… This almost ethereal glow to the skin doesn’t just have to be for famous actresses and models who spend a crazy amount of money on high-priced skin care products and expensive cosmetic procedures! 

In fact, you can easily achieve glowing skin with our game-changing skin care tips! All it takes is a thoughtful skin care regimen and a few additional daily steps to get a beautiful, radiant complexion! Keep reading to learn more. 

7 Fantastic Tips for Glowing Skin

1. Exfoliate Two To Three Times Per Week

There’s nothing that dulls the skin worse than a dense layer of dead skin cells and clogged pores. Remedy this with a chemical or physical exfoliant! 

With chemical exfoliants, we recommend a peel or serum that uses AHAs, BHAs, or PHAs. When choosing a physical exfoliant, stick to one that is gentle, as too much of a physical exfoliant can irritate the skin and damage the skin barrier. 

2. Hydrate - Inside And Out

While moisturizing daily with a high-quality, non-comedogenic topical is important for hydrating the skin, drinking enough water and loading up on moisture-packed food, such as fruit and vegetables, is also essential for achieving soft, glowing skin! 

3. Use A Daily Cleanser

Daily cleansing, especially at night, is important for effectively removing debris like dirt, oil and pollution particles that can clog pores and cause dullness. 

Think about it this way: your skin is like a window; when you clean off all the dirt, dust, and grime coating the glass, the light can finally shine through! That’s how a high-quality cleanser works – clearing away all the crud so your skin can take on the glow that it deserves. 

4. Do A Facial Massage

Not only are facial massages incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, they actually stimulate blood flow, encourage lymphatic drainage, and increase the delivery of oxygen to amplify your skin’s luminosity. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t just an old wives tale! Making sure you’re getting enough sleep is actually incredibly important for healthy, glowing skin. 

This is because your skin goes to work while you rest, repairing and revitalizing itself. If you’re suffering from breakouts, dull skin, or dehydration, it’s during the nighttime that your skin aims to rejuvenate and replenish so you can wake up feeling refreshed. As many medical professionals say, it is best to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night! 

6. Eat Your Vitamins

As mentioned above, hydrating doesn’t just mean externally moisturizing your skin – it also means eating water-rich foods to hydrate your body from the inside out! This is the same with vitamins and minerals. 

Instead of only focusing on applying serums and creams with added vitamins and antioxidants, such as Vitamin C or green tea, make sure you’re loading your plate up with healthy, nutrient-dense foods as well. 

For example, eating enough fruits and veggies supply your skin with antioxidants and phytochemicals, while nuts and seeds deliver a brilliant boost of healthy fats. 

7. Try A Dermatologist-Recommended Cosmetic Treatment

If you’ve tried all of the above tips on how to get glowing skin, yet you still aren’t achieving that ethereal radiance, why not visit a board-certified dermatologist for a professional cosmetic treatment? 

For instance, at Westerville Dermatology, our chemical peels and laser treatments can dramatically impact the skin and improve everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne scars and pigmentation issues. 

Not to mention, these two treatments – especially chemical peels – revitalize and rejuvenate the skin for a soft, vibrant glow. 


Get Glowing With Westerville Dermatology

With a professional, board-certified dermatologist by your side, you can effortlessly achieve vibrant, glowing skin! At Westerville Dermatology, our experienced team of dermatologists deeply understand how everyone’s skin is different, which is why we focus on creating and delivering personalized recommendations for our patients to help them achieve their skin care and aesthetic goals.

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