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Kybella Can Dismantle Your Double Chin for Good

A graph showing how Kybella removes fat under the chin

Fat is something we need but not something we need a lot of. More and more, we see people struggling to manage the accumulation of fatty deposits in hard-to-fix areas of the body. It seems like intense focus is a must to prevent belly fat from getting out of hand. Even more challenging is the issue of the double-chin. This fat is nearly impossible to reduce with diet and exercise. Fortunately, help has arrived.

We are pleased to offer Kybella in our Westerville practice. This injectable treatment has been around for a few years and has become well-known for its fat-busting power. Before the U.S. FDA approved Kybella, the drug deoxycholic acid was utilized in Europe and other countries for several years. Its use is proven both safe and effective. If double-chin correction is something you’d like, Kybella may help. Here are a few things you need to know.

Results Take Time

Kybella is not like the usual injectables; it doesn’t add something to the skin for immediate improvement. This drug introduces deoxycholic acid, a fat-disrupter, into the tissue on the upper neck and chin area. Here, the acid gradually weakens the cell walls to allow lipids and toxins to be released. The body looks at the weakened cells as problematic, unviable, and it flushes them through the lymph system. To flush the necessary amount of fat for a sculpted profile may take 3 to 4 treatments and about 12 weeks.

Skin and Fat are Not the Same

Of course, you know that skin and fat are different types of tissue. However, what can be easily missed when discussing double-chin treatment is the fact that only fat will be targeted by Kybella. The only function deoxycholic acid has is to break down the membrane of fat cells. Therefore, it is important that an experienced provider assess the elasticity of the skin prior to Kybella treatment. When the skin is not elastic, it won’t retract very well when fat is no longer filling up space. The skin may appear looser and thinner after fat goes away. When loose skin is a concern, we may suggest INFINI radiofrequency treatment in combination with or as an alternative to Kybella.

A Little Downtime is Needed

Kybella is an injectable treatment, yes, but many patients like to schedule a bit of downtime after their session. The primary reason is that the insertion of deoxycholic acid into the dermis initially expands tissue. Swelling may be obvious for about two days. Tenderness may also occur but this does not typically disrupt normal activities. It is the swelling that people wish to keep under wraps for a few days.

With few side effects and a proven track record of success, Kybella looks like an outstanding treatment option for many people. Is it for you? Find out! Schedule your consultation at 614-895-0400.

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