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Summer is Almost Here! How Will Your Skin Fair?

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The warm summer weather is oh, so inviting, isn’t it? While we bask in the glow of sunlight, we must know that our skin is taking a beating. There are several ways in which our environment can negatively affect dermatologic health and beauty. Conversely, there are several strategies we can use to combat the dangers of summer. Here, we offer a few tips to help your skin maintain its healthy glow all summer long.

  1. Exfoliate everything. It’s difficult enough to remember that we need to exfoliate facial skin, let alone the whole body. To exfoliate the skin means to remove the uppermost layer of dead and damaged cells that are adhering to the surface. We don’t want these cells because they block that healthy glow. They also inhibit absorption of skincare products. Facial exfoliation may be achieved in our office with a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning. At home, a body-exfoliating brush can be used a few times a week to support cellular turnover.
  2. Slather on the sunscreen. We encourage our patients to maintain good sunscreen habits all year long. Before summer, visit your use of sunscreen and also your choice of products. Optimal UV protection is received from broad-spectrum sunscreens and also from protective clothing. Sunscreen in moisturizers and makeup is fine for daily use but should be complemented with broad-spectrum sunscreen when you will be outdoors for more than half an hour.
  3. Make friends with water. Minimal research has been conducted on the long-term results of water consumption and aging skin. However, many dermatologists agree that patients who consume 8 or more glasses of water a day tend to experience fewer breakouts and smoother skin. The theory is that, because naturally healthy skin has a high water-content, adequate internal hydration adds plumpness and suppleness. Regarding breakouts, water may diffuse oil production and prevent enlarged pores, two prime factors in acne.

The skin has unique needs. Fortunately, these needs are easy to meet with good habits and a little help from an experienced dermatologist. For more information on the services available at Westerville Dermatology, call 614-895-0400.

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