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Cosmetic Consultation

Exceptional Service – Every Patient, Every Time

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Cosmetic Consultation

Exceptional Service – Every Patient, Every Time

Westerville Dermatology

The Cosmetic Consultation at Westerville Dermatology & Aderma Medical Spa

We all deserve to look our best. Cosmetic dermatology helps you do just that. It differs from other dermatological services in that it consists of treatments that improve your appearance, whether they be applied to the skin itself or the underlying structures that create wrinkles and creases. At Westerville Dermatology & Aderma Medical Spa, we offer a full range of cosmetic procedures designed to help you look fresher and younger.

We work with you to determine the best procedures to suit your skin type and overall goals for treatment. Contact us for a free consultation and start taking the steps toward having refreshed, revitalized, and younger looking skin.


The Day of your Procedure

What to Expect

We suggest you don’t wear makeup (please bring your products with you to apply post consultation if you wish), bring a photo or two of yourself when you think you look your best and allow up to an hour for your appointment. We suggest you review Get Started from for patients interested in any dermal fillers to help facilitate discussion and make the most of your time.

Initially, you will meet with our cosmetic coordinator to review your data, create an electronic chart and perform a 3-D photo using the Vectra 1. (Canfield/Vectra imaging system)

Afterwards, you and your physician will review your Vectra images, and strategize the treatment process. A written copy of your consultation may be printed or emailed to you.

As a follow through, our cosmetic coordinator will call you within a few days. Your physician is always available as well. We look forward to meeting you!

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Have questions or concerns? Please call us at 614-895-0400.

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