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Skin Cancer Screenings

Westerville Dermatology & Aderma Medical Spa Is Here for All Your Skin Cancer Screening and Treatment Needs

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Skin Cancer Screenings

Westerville Dermatology Is Here for All Your Skin Cancer Screening and Treatment Needs

Skin Cancer Screenings

What is a Skin Cancer Screening?

Part of preventive medicine, which aims to prevent or reduce the chances of a dangerous or deadly skin disease from forming, skin cancer screenings are a visual examination of the skin that looks for warning signs and symptoms of cancer, as well as other noncancerous skin conditions. 

Woman pointing to a mole on her skin

Skin Cancer Screening FAQs

Learn more about skin cancer screenings at Westerville Dermatology by reading some comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions regarding skin cancer screenings below, and don’t forget to contact us to schedule yours today!

Skin cancer screenings are performed by a board-certified dermatologist. While most dermatologists have their own method of evaluating a patient’s skin, he or she will ask you to remove all of your clothing and put on a gown. 

Next, the dermatologist will examine your skin – from the top of your scalp to the bottom of your feet – for any warning signs and symptoms of cancer, as well as other types of noncancerous lesions such as actinic keratosis. 

During the skin cancer screening, your dermatologist may use a bright light or hand-held magnification tool to look more closely at suspicious spots and skin lesions.

Skin cancer screenings are performed by a board-certified dermatologist who is experienced in identifying and recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of common cancers, like basal cell carcinoma and melanoma skin cancer, as well as other types of noncancerous skin conditions, including actinic keratosis and dysplastic nevi.

During a skin cancer screening, a dermatologist will evaluate your skin and look for unusual marks, suspicious spots, or abnormal moles that might potentially be skin cancer or another life-threatening skin condition.

Absolutely. Skin cancer screenings are one of the best ways to detect and identify skin cancer early, which is important for optimal skin cancer treatment.

Many types of skin cancers, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, can be disfiguring and life-threatening if left untreated. When left undetected and untreated, skin cancer will likely spread into surrounding tissue or potentially further into the body, such as into bone tissue and lymph nodes.

At Westerville Dermatology in Westerville, OH, our experienced board-certified dermatologists recommend getting a professional skin cancer screening with a dermatologist on an annual basis. 

However, if you have a family history of skin cancer or have a large quantity of moles on your body, it’s best to undergo a skin cancer screening every 6 to 12 months. 

When at home, we recommend performing self-exams of your skin on a monthly basis to keep an eye out for any new or changing moles.

A skin cancer screening is considered a preventive care measure, so most insurance providers cover it. However, it’s best to contact your specific insurance provider before you visit Westerville Dermatology for a skin cancer screening to ensure this procedure is covered.


Skin Cancer Screening Photos

If you would like more information on how a skin cancer screening is performed, view the photos below where a board-certified dermatologist is administering a thorough skin examination. And don’t forget to contact us to schedule your skin cancer screening!

Woman Pointing To A Mole On Her Skin
Dermatologist Inspecting A Patient's Hand
Dermatologist Inspecting A Patient's Skin
Possible Melanoma Mole

Board-Certified Skin Cancer Screenings in Westerville, Ohio

If you’ve recently discovered an atypical mole or are experiencing one of the skin cancer symptoms mentioned above, it’s time to visit a board-certified dermatologist for a professional skin cancer screening. 

Our board-certified dermatologists are experts at detecting, diagnosing, and treating skin cancer in Westerville, Ohio, to help our patients restore the health of their skin! Please give us a call at (614) 895-0400 or request an appointment online.

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