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Exceptional Service – Every Patient, Every Time

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Smooth Skin Around A Woman's Lips

Make Lip Lines a Thing of the Past

Lip lines are a common concern that can affect adults of all ages. Most often,…

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Middle-aged Woman Enjoying Smoother Skin After The Silhouette InstaLift

Sculpting a Younger Face with the Silhouette InstaLift

This year has brought a boom of interest in facelift surgery. With more people working…

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Dermatologist Injecting A Patient With Dermal Fillers

What To Expect For Your First-Time Dermal Filler Treatment

Here at Westerville Dermatology, we are very familiar with using dermal fillers to address a…

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Dermatologist Treating A Patient With Laser Hair Removal

Thinking of Getting Laser Hair Removal? Here’s What to Expect!

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re looking for more information about laser hair…

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Young Woman With Smooth Skin

Sculptra is Not Your Average Dermal Filler

We age whether we want to or not. We see the signs of aging on…

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Woman Laying In A Tanning Bed

Have You Forgotten the Ugly Truths About Tanning?

For some, the sunlight and the perceived benefits it brings are nearly irresistible. This is…

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A Woman Speaking With Her Doctor Virtually

Teledermatology: The Doctor Will See You Now

Just a few months ago, life looked and felt very different than it does at…

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A Girl Scratching Her Eczema

The Summer Heat Can’t Ruin Your Fun, Even if You Have Eczema!

Oh, how we’ve been longing for summer, for many reasons. Not only are many people…

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Man Scratching Psoriasis On His Shoulder

Managing Psoriasis: When to Get in Touch with Your Doctor

Psoriasis is a common dermatologic condition that can cause ongoing stress for people. Because this…

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Young Woman With Smooth Skin Near Flowers

Three Amazing Things That Platelet-Rich Plasma Can Do for Your Appearance

So-called “Vampire Facials” are sweeping the country, promising to revitalize the skin in a short,…

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Young Woman With Smooth Skin

Springtime is All About Rejuvenation!

We aren’t far off from the skies clearing and giving us more sunshine. The natural…

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A Happy Trendy Woman With Glowing Skin

Want Vibrant Skin? Shave it!

Many people fall into a skin care rut. Without a little nudge, they may never…

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Beautiful Face Of Young Woman With Radiant Skin

That Double-Chin May Need a One-Two Punch

It’s a struggle to have excess fatty tissue under the chin. This fat doesn’t always…

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Brown Haired Woman With Voluminous Hairstyle

A Younger Look is Not Hard to Come By

Many people express an interest in looking a little bit younger. We hear concerns about…

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Shot Of An Attractive Young Woman Smelling Her Armpits During Her Morning Beauty Routine

Here’s What the Pros Have to Say about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are popular among men and women who have grown tired of the…

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A Young Woman With Smooth Skin Surrounded By Fall Leaves

How Much Dermal Filler is Enough?

For several years now, hundreds of thousands of dermal filler treatments have been conducted regularly.…

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Woman Rubbing Her Smooth Legs

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Take So Long?

If you want silky smooth skin next summer, now is a great time to start!…

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A Graph Showing How Kybella Removes Fat Under The Chin

Kybella Can Dismantle Your Double Chin for Good

Fat is something we need but not something we need a lot of. More and…

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Woman Laying In The Sun Next To A Pool

There is a Reason Why a Base Tan is a Controversial Topic

With summer vacations on the horizon, we’re hearing a lot more buzz around the idea…

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A Happy Young Woman With Radiant Skin

What to Expect from Your Silhouette InstaLift

Aging skin can be such a drag, literally. As a result of biological changes and…

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Beautiful Girl With A Straw Hat At The Beach

Immediately Boost Your Look with a Silhouette InstaLift

As we age, each of us may encounter particular cosmetic concerns. Facial aging often begins…

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