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How Much Dermal Filler is Enough?

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For several years now, hundreds of thousands of dermal filler treatments have been conducted regularly. The process is so convenient and affordable that fillers are used to correct several signs of aging. Additionally, dermal fillers are appealing to younger patients who want more definition along their lip line or cheekbones. Because the procedure is so common, many patients visit their provider with a simple request like “make my lips look like Kylie’s.” This could go very wrong. Here, we want to discuss why.

When a patient visits our office, our objective is to first understand what they want to achieve. If you are new to dermal fillers, your objective is to know what you want to achieve. Only from this starting point can we work together to determine, one, if what you want is even possible and, two, how to achieve it if it is. This includes how much dermal filler you might require.

How Do We Know?

It can be very frustrating to expect one thing and get another. If you arrive at your dermal filler appointment with the idea that you need one syringe of your selected product but an expectation of Kylie Lips (ultra full and contoured), you may be unpleasantly surprised at the subtlety of your results. While some people may achieve substantial contouring with a single syringe of fillers, some may need 2 or 3. The amount of filler product that is needed depends on a few factors:

  • How much fat is present in the treatment area. Fillers are used to correct the natural depletion of fatty tissue. When a person is very thin, they have little fat to work with and will need more filler.
  • How much deterioration has occurred. Older patients have lost more fatty tissue, more collagen, and more elastin. Furthermore, the older we get, the more our bone structure changes in the mid-face and around the eyes. The extent of these losses determines how much filler is needed.
  • How good the skin is. Dermal fillers add volume. These products cannot tighten loose and saggy skin. The thinner and less elastic the skin is, the more filler is needed to smooth lines and creases. There may be a risk of overfilling in such instances, leading to a puffy face.

An experienced dermal filler provider conducts a thorough evaluation of the various aspects of the face as a way of estimating how much dermal filler may be needed to achieve specific results. To learn more, schedule your consultation in our Westerville office at 614-895-0400.


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