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Want Vibrant Skin? Shave it!

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Many people fall into a skin care rut. Without a little nudge, they may never get out of that rut, even when it is not proving to be the best thing for their skin. If you’ve found yourself doing the same thing over and over and wishing for different results, this is your nudge. In our Westerville, OH dermatology office, you can receive the personalized care that your skin needs to stay vibrant at any age. Here, we discuss the value of a good old-fashioned shave for the skin.

What is dermaplaning?

When you think of shaving, you may picture a close male relative standing at the bathroom counter with a face of white foam. This is not a good old-fashioned shave. The shaving we’re talking about is not something one performs on their own. Dermaplaning is a technique that is more like the straight-razor shaves men used to get from their barber; only dermaplaning is performed in a clinical setting using a surgical blade.

The purpose of dermaplaning is to remove vellus hair from the skin. This is the fine hair we know as peach fuzz. But that’s not all. Dermaplaning also gently scrapes the fine film of dead and damaged cells that accumulate on the skin. These cells are found on nearly every adult and they are what dull the complexion, clog pores, and degrade baby-soft texture.

Removing the cellular debris and fine hair from the uppermost layer of the skin brightens complexion and also enhances the efficacy of other treatments and skincare products. Additionally, people who undergo this treatment report that their makeup goes on much more smoothly.

What does dermaplaning feel like?

Patients often want to know if a treatment will hurt. Dermaplaning is performed on dry skin, so it may seem as though it would be uncomfortable. It’s not. The use of a straight blade inhibits tugging at hairs and causing irritation. The treatment itself feels like mild scraping. After treatment, some patients report that their skin feels mildly sensitive or tender, but this resolves within hours. Redness may also occur and last up to 24 hours but is typically barely noticeable.

Dermaplaning is more than shaving off fine hair; it is a professional treatment that supports optimal cellular turnover. To see what this treatment can do for you, call 614-895-0400 and schedule your visit with us.

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