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What Might Cause Rosacea?

Sixteen million people in our country are living with rosacea, a skin condition that affects the cheeks, nose, and other highly visible parts of the face. What happens during a rosacea flare-up is that the superficial blood vessels beneath the epidermis become dilated, causing intense redness. But there’s more. People with advancing rosacea (and there is no other kind) may also develop red bumps and “pimples” that resemble acne.

Because rosacea is a chronic condition that will worsen without treatment, it is important that we talk about what may be causing it and what we can do to better manage the skin.

Straight Talk about Rosacea

  1. We have seen enough cases of rosacea in this country to know that there are genetic factors involved. If you are wondering if that redness on your face is rosacea, and one of your parents also has that rosy glow, chances are you share the same condition.
  2. Rosacea can masquerade as acne. It is important to get an accurate diagnosis if you want to see your skin improve and avoid making it worse. The pimples and bumps and redness of rosacea can’t be treated in the same way as acne because underlying cause may be completely different.
  3. Management is the key. There is no cure for rosacea. The objective of treatment is to clear a flare-up if it exists. Then, we turn to management using medication or other modalities that inhibit inflammation and fungal activity on the skin.
  4. Moisture is also key! The existence of rosacea means that the skin’s barrier has been disrupted and does not hold moisture as needed. The products that are used on the skin are crucial to dermatologic health, prevention of premature aging, and management of symptoms. Your dermatologist can help you find the right products for your skin.
  5. Treatment is a personal endeavor. There is no singular method of treatment that clears up anyone’s and everyone’s rosacea. In most cases, a multifaceted approach is most successful.

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