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Why your Skin Needs a One-Two Punch

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More people realize that they need to do something to promote healthy, soft skin as they age. A prime example of this desire for smooth skin is the popularity of Botox and dermal fillers. While these treatments are excellent for preserving a youthful appearance, there is more that is needed. Specifically, the skin needs adequate moisture and nourishment for skin cells to regenerate optimally. Fortunately, giving your skin what it needs is easy.

Step One – Create the Canvas

The skin has been described as a canvas to which makeup is applied. There is another way to look at this, though. Our skin is a canvas that can naturally glow when it is nourished. We try to accomplish this with the right skin care products; sometimes, very expensive products. But did you know that your canvas may not be receiving those high-quality ingredients?

Topical skin care products must permeate the skin’s surface to work their magic. But the skin naturally has a “biofilm.” We call it the stratum corneum. In Latin, this means “horny layer.” Why horny? Because this uppermost layer of tissue is composed of dead skin cells. Under magnification, they may create a bumpy, horned appearance. Worse, the stratum corneum is several layers in and of itself, all dead skin cells. All that debris blankets the surface of living cells that are just waiting to receive the pampering you are trying to supply!

To create a blank canvas for your skin care products, call Westerville Dermatology to schedule a gentle chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment. A single treatment sets the stage for rejuvenated skin.

Step Two – Keep On Keeping On

The beneficial effects of a personalized skin care regimen have been well documented over the years. What’s interesting is that there are numerous ways to go about nourishing the epidermis. High-end products aren’t necessarily the best, either. Once products can permeate the surface, wonderful things can happen. What is important is that each person learns what is needed to address concerns. For instance, peptides and antioxidants are needed to support healthy collagen. Sunscreen, as well, is an integral part of keeping on with healthy, soft skin. To block the maximum amount of light requires broad-spectrum sunscreen, not high SPF, as many people believe.

Do you have questions about taking the best possible care of your skin? We’re here to help you. Call (614)-895-0400 to schedule your visit.


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