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Age: How to Tame this Beast

Before and after look at a woman's face who underwent treatment

Aging is a fact of life that will not be stopped. It only occurs in one direction, and that typically means that we have to work harder and harder to stay as healthy and vital as we’d like. It also means that we may start to feel frustration at the presence of wrinkles and other cosmetic problems that sprout up with alarming regularity. Today, injectables are commonly used to decrease frown lines and plump the cheeks. However, there are other areas of concern that ultimately need to be addressed.

Aging sometimes shows itself in unexpected ways, such as:

  • Neck lines and then some. We don’t only lose collagen in facial skin; we lose it everywhere. This often shows up a little further South than the cheeks and jawline. A prominent problem that we can now resolve is the appearance of a double chin. Kybella continues to prove itself an efficient fat-buster for better curvature from the chin to the neck. Even further down the neck, lines caused by sagging bands of muscle can create permanent frustration. The platysmal bands can be treated with Botox to ease these lines and keep the neck looking as young as the face.
  • Veiny, bony hands. Bulging veins and sharp bony structures are something you should see only on your mother’s hands, right? At some point, many women look at their own hands and see just that. Hand rejuvenation is quite popular, though not often discussed. Dermal fillers restore the appearance of natural fat pads to the backs of the hands, which may also reduce the appearance of veins.
  • The persistent frown. When we talk about a frown, it is the lines between the brows that are usually the focal point. There is another problem, though, that occurs above the eyes. When tissue on the forehead loses resilience, muscles at the brow line pull downward. The brow that falls below the upper orbital rim creates the appearance of anger, intensity, or even fatigue. Early treatment with Botox can slightly lift the brow and slow the progression of aging by keeping muscles in a more relaxed state.

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